Every woman has that one man who’s just around the corner. He is often not our first choice, but a fall-back option. We call on this guy when we’ve run out of options, and needless to say we can always find him there. He is equivalent to McDonald’s French fries, which can easily be found in any corner. And if we can’t find it around the corner, we can still get it delivered to our doorstep.

Now, let me set one thing straight: there’s nothing wrong with this guy, in fact he’s probably a decent man. Just as McDonald’s fries are good, but it’s just not what I would choose to have everyday for the rest of my life. But of course, being the greedy girl that I am, I still want it there in my life. Every time I walk pass a McDonald’s, I am happy to know that I have the choice of walking in and ordering some French fries. I may not end up going inside a McDonald’s to order fries, but I feel good knowing that it’s always there. Same with this guy. I like having him around, I like receiving good morning texts and good night phone calls from him. Hell, I even indulge in it from time to time. But the bottom line is he’s still a McDonald’s French fries. Sure, he satisfies my hunger and cravings every now and then, but I think it’s safe to say I’m looking for something more exquisite. But until that something comes along, why not enjoy the McDonald’s fries, I tell myself.

But then I wonder, does this make me a bad person? Am I taking advantage of the poor, innocent McDonald’s fries? Well, I’ve given it some thought and I guess the answer is yes and no. The fact is that McDonald’s French fries know exactly what they are, which is why they try to lure us in with deals and offers. Likewise, I’d like to believe that this guy knows that he can’t be more than my fall-back option in desperate times. Sure, he wants me to stop having other fries and only stick to McDonald’s French fries, and he tries hard to pull me in with his ‘offers’. But deep down he knows that won’t work, so he makes do with being my on-call guy.

What I’m trying to say is : The McDonald’s French fries already knows he’s not your first choice. But from time to time, he can get a bit delusional. My advice is to set him straight by reminding him that he is a good person and that you like having him around, but you don’t see a future with him. You might think this could cause him pain, but trust me, in the long run it’s better than promising him that you’ll eat only McDonald’s french fries from now on (when you know damn well that isn’t true). Set some ground rules about your so-called ‘relationship’, so that there’s no confusion and false hopes. Once the rules are clear, we can all enjoy our McDonald’s French fries, free of guilt.

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