Of Greasy Fries and Self-absorbed Men

I hate greasy fries. Don’t you? The taste is unpleasant, and the grease always stick to the fingers and hands. Yuck. But why am I talking about greasy fries? Read on. You’ll find out in a minute.

Not long ago, I became acquainted with Max, and I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Unlike other men I knew, Max was very open with his feelings. He liked to talk about how certain things made him feel.

At first, I found it to be endearing that a grown man would open up to me like that. He would talk for hours and hours. Mainly about himself. About how unfair his life was. How everyone was always against him. How everything was going wrong. Whenever I tried to cheer him up or change the topic, he would simply interrupt me with another story. Max was always talking about himself – he was self-absorbed in that sense, but I didn’t mind. So I resorted to just listening to him in silence.

But after our conversations, I always felt heavy. As though something was weighing me down and I couldn’t shake it off. I listened to his stories anyway, and this went on for quite some time. Until I started to feel unhappy for no reason. I started having negative thoughts that I normally wouldn’t. And I would sink into various episodes of depression over nothing.

Being a positive person by nature, I started to wonder what was happening to me. I distanced myself from Max to do some self-reflection. And to my surprise, during the time I spent being apart from Max, I felt happier and more like my usual cheerful self. That’s when I realized what was going on.

Here’s where it comes back to the greasy fries. When you eat ’em, there’s no doubt that your fingers will become greasy. The fries absorbed too much grease, and that grease just sticks to everything. Just like Max, who was too self-absorbed in his own negative emotions, and they were sticking to my hands and fingers. Anyone who’s had grease on their fingers can tell you that grease doesn’t go away easily. Same with negativity. It could stick to you for days, and even after washing your hands several times, the stench lingers.

The remedy? There’s only one way. Wash your hands off of greasy fries and self-absorbed men. As tempting as they may seem, both are bad for your health and leave you feeling sick inside.

#Fry-tip: Want to know how you can avoid greasy fries? Check out this post: http://fifteenspatulas.com/tag/how-not-to-get-greasy-fries/


5 thoughts on “Of Greasy Fries and Self-absorbed Men

  1. I love this! I too once dealt with a self-absorbed man. Like you I prided myself on being able to be there for him and help, and like you I would leave feeling heavy. So like you I deleted my self from that equation. Thanks for writing this, I enjoyed it.

  2. this is such an incredible blog!!! i just spent the last 30 minutes reading them all! i think its so cute u compare things in your life to fries…never would i have guessed they do correlate : ) keep up the good work!

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