Do you know what you want in a man?  When I was fifteen years old and got asked this question, my answer was something like this : athletic, tall, nice smile, funny, loves animals, not too fat or too thin, and the list goes on and on to describe exactly what I wanted in a man. I must have listed about 50 things!

Ask me the same question now and I wouldn’t know how to answer.

It’s like if you ask me to describe exactly what kind of fries I like. I could probably use adjectives like salty, crispy, or soft. But beyond that, I wouldn’t know how else to explain the exact taste or texture of the fries. Because for me, it’s about the sensation. How I feel while eating the fries, rather than what they are shaped like, or how seasoned they are, or how crispy they are.

The first list I made consisted of all the characteristics and traits I wanted in a man. But nothing about how I wanted to feel while being around him. Ten years down the line, I realized that all these lists are just adjectives, and just because you have all the right adjectives doesn’t mean the total experience will be great.

Ultimately, it comes down to how I feel. When I’m eating fries that I like, I feel insanely happy. I get into such a good mood that I want to smile, sing, and dance all day long. I feel as though all my problems have been lifted off, and my tiredness is completely gone. I just let myself enjoy the fries, without giving a thought to anything else around me. In that moment while eating those fries, I am at peace, and all is right with the world.

I no longer have a list of things I want in a man. But I can say I’m looking for someone who makes me feel the same way I feel when eating fries. And, well, a nice smile wouldn’t hurt 🙂


# Fry-tip: You like ’em crispy?