Of Fries and Patience

“Patience is a virtue”. Sounds like such a cliché. Most of us, including me, hear this phrase and don’t think much into it. But something happened to me lately and it made me ponder on the meaning of “patience”. This is what the word actually means: The ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset. But why is it so important to have patience?

I think it’s because lack of patience can destroy a good thing.

If anyone has ever cooked fries at home, you would know that it requires a huge amount of patience – waiting for the fries to cook. Such a slow and painful process. I would walk away, and come back to check, over and over again, but the fries still weren’t cooked. Sometimes it gets so frustrating, and I just can’t wait anymore. So I’d think ‘what the hell’ and remove the under-cooked fries from the frying pan. And needless to say, they tasted like shit.

If only I had waited a bit more, these fries could have turned out to be amazingly delicious. If only I held on a little longer. I could have had something good, if only I had the patience.

The same goes for relationships. It takes time to open up and be comfortable with someone. It takes time to figure out where the relationship is going. These things can’t be rushed.

But try explaining that to an impatient person. Trust me, I have. Of course, he said that he understands. And that he will have patience. But as the definition suggests, to have patience is to wait for something without getting upset. Sure, he was able to wait – I didn’t give him much choice there. But the reality is: he was upset. He was impatient, and there was nothing I could do about it.

It’s a shame though. We could have had something good, if only he had the patience.


15 thoughts on “Of Fries and Patience

  1. Patience is a virtue in all things. It helps one to become more aware of the good and wonderful things that are in the world and in their life. Be patient and kind. Continued Success with the fries! Jay

  2. Lol! This sounds like something I lack as well. I have a very bad habit of just leaping in instead of looking around and smelling the roses with someone. Well stated. Patience (you’re right on this too, without resentment) is a much better way to go.

  3. First I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Second I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. Your analogys are spot on and definitely make me smile. Third want to compliment you on the open and honest way you’re sharing your journey through the dating world.

    As someone who was divorced and single for a very long time before I met my husband I truly understand the challenges with; underdone or soggy or burnt or great outside yucky inside or not worth the effort and calories fries and men. 🙂

  4. Patience is important in every aspect of a relationship and life. For me patience combined with trust seems to be where I run into countless problems. When one loses your trust, to gain it back, patience is necessary to start the process of trusting again. With my relationship he says he has forever to wait and knows how hard it is to gain that trust back. When I question him and try to discuss whether or not I will ever be able to gain his trust back he goes on to say it’s already been a week, stop thinking so much and trust me already. As you said, “we could of had something good if only he had the patience.”

    • Looking back, I’m actually grateful that ‘thing’ never turned into anything because now I’ve found something that’s beyond amazing, so don’t worry. If its meant to be, it will be. If not, there are better things waiting just around the corner .. All the best 🙂

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