Tonight over dinner, a girl friend was telling me stories about her quest for a boyfriend. She said she had been single for two years, and had tried everything : online dating sites, blind dates, introduction through friends. She even resorted to having her mom set her up. But still she wasn’t able to find a man.

Out of desperation, she asked me what she should do. The only advice I gave her is this : You will find it when you stop looking.

I suppose an example is in order.

During my trip to Japan, I randomly came across a Ramen place. I decided to go in, not because I’m a big fan of Ramen, but just because I was starving. I ordered the first thing I saw – curry Ramen. I waited impatiently for my Ramen, not expecting much from it, since I’ve never really enjoyed Ramen. But when the curry Ramen was served on the table, I saw something. To my delight & surprise, the Ramen was topped with Fries!! I would have never in a million years expect to find fries on top of any noodle dish, let alone a curry Ramen. But there they were, resting on the bowl. And let me tell you – fries with curry Ramen – simply amazing! And the best part is I could have never imagined it!

That’s how life works. It constantly surprises you. And just when you stop looking for that guy, you’ll find him. When you least expect to. In a bookstore. On a plane. At a gym. Or in my case, while traveling to a new place.

So ladies, I urge you to take a break from all the looking, searching, and hunting. Sit back and let life surprise you. Let it catch you off guard and take your breath away. You never know what you’ll find when you stop looking šŸ˜‰