Of Saying No to Fries And Men

If someone offered me a serving of hot, delicious fries, would I say no? Probably not. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever turned down fries before. Even at times when I wasn’t hungry, I never said no when an opportunity to consume fries presented itself. There was no real reason behind it. I figured I like fries, and they were right in front of me. Why wouldn’t I eat them?

And that seems to be the way I behaved when it came to men. If there was a nice, likeable man wanting to go for dinner with me, why should I say no?

So here I was, consuming fries and dating men. Because they were right there. And because there was no real reason to turn them down.

But lately it hit me. What if I just wasn’t in the mood for fries? Do I still have to stuff myself with fries, just because they’re right in front of me? Similarly, do I have to jump on every chance to go on a date with a charming, attractive man, just because he asked?

I didn’t think so. As much as I love fries (and men), I realized that sometimes I’m just not in the mood for either of them.

So tonight I turned down a hot date. Not because I’m swearing off fries or men, if that’s what you think. But because I want to have them on my own terms for a change. I will go on that hot date when I actually feel up for it. And I will consume those delicious fries when I actually crave them.

I turned down a hot date. Not for another hot date. Not because I didn’t like the guy. And not because I was busy or tired. I turned down the date because there’s nothing wrong with saying no to fries and and having a salad instead, which incidentally is what I had tonight while watching a romantic comedy at home 😉


19 thoughts on “Of Saying No to Fries And Men

  1. I agree with you; i think it’s great when we know that we are choosing to do what is best for us and not what’s right in front of us which is tempting. This reminds me of the term “delayed gratification” which is nurtured from childhood and i’m still battling through this. Wishing you a very happy new year ahead.

  2. Excellent! Made me smile with recognition – I’m a hot fries type of person too! I’m not as fond of dating though so the temptation on that part hasn’t vexed me, but good on you for taking charge!! 🙂

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