If someone offered me a serving of hot, delicious fries, would I say no? Probably not. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever turned down fries before. Even at times when I wasn’t hungry, I never said no when an opportunity to consume fries presented itself. There was no real reason behind it. I figured I like fries, and they were right in front of me. Why wouldn’t I eat them?

And that seems to be the way I behaved when it came to men. If there was a nice, likeable man wanting to go for dinner with me, why should I say no?

So here I was, consuming fries and dating men. Because they were right there. And because there was no real reason to turn them down.

But lately it hit me. What if I just wasn’t in the mood for fries? Do I still have to stuff myself with fries, just because they’re right in front of me? Similarly, do I have to jump on every chance to go on a date with a charming, attractive man, just because he asked?

I didn’t think so. As much as I love fries (and men), I realized that sometimes I’m just not in the mood for either of them.

So tonight I turned down a hot date. Not because I’m swearing off fries or men, if that’s what you think. But because I want to have them on my own terms for a change. I will go on that hot date when I actually feel up for it. And I will consume those delicious fries when I actually crave them.

I turned down a hot date. Not for another hot date. Not because I didn’t like the guy. And not because I was busy or tired. I turned down the date because there’s nothing wrong with saying no to fries and and having a salad instead, which incidentally is what I had tonight while watching a romantic comedy at home 😉