Of Fries and Is It Worth It?

A conversation with my sis (basically a much smarter & younger version of me – not to mention with better fashion sense and hair)

Warning: this conversation may be offensive for those who like salapao (Chinese hot buns)

Me: Do you believe that in life, there’s always going to be that one person we’ll never get over?

Sis: Of course, but it’s not a bad thing

Me: And what are we meant to do about it?

Sis: Well, different people react differently. Some find ways to be with that person. Others just leave it alone. Some things aren’t meant to happen, you know. It’s like a fantasy in your head, which can be good sometimes. It motivates you.

Me: But what if that fantasy can become a reality? Even for a short time. Would you not want to try? Would you not wonder what it would be like?

Sis: If you know that once the short time is over, you’ll end up in the same place, then why start it?

Me: Because right now it feels like a dream that’s coming true. I want to grab it and have it for a while. Even if it’s going to slip away again.

Sis: Then grab it, if that’s what you want. Just don’t expect anything, you know, so you won’t get hurt.

Me: Hurt is just a feeling though, isn’t it? I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? I will cry and listen to some sad songs. Nothing that hasn’t been done before, right?

Sis: Yeah, but is it worth it?

Me: I don’t know. But if this time it doesn’t hurt me, the next time will anyway right? What’s the difference? Why not just be happy while we can and live in the moment. Otherwise it’s like you’re saying “I’m not gonna eat fries, because it will finish”? Does that mean you won’t even get to enjoy eating?

Sis: This is going on your blog isn’t it

Me: LOL, I’m thinking about it

Sis: Well, you can see it that way too. But, no, it’s more like, do you think fries are worth being fat for?

Me: Hmmm

Sis: And I’m guessing you do. But what about salapao? I don’t think salapao is worth being fat for, do you?

Me: Yeah, why would I even eat salapao?!!

Sis: Exactly. So it depends if he’s a salapao or fries.

Me: (Stunned by her witty statement)

Sis: And you’re making me hungry, I should order some fries.

Me: Yeah, please get inspired and think about what I should write for my blog.

Sis: You do the thinking, I’ll do the eating πŸ˜‰

The chat with my sister actually helped me answer the question I’ve had for a while – whether it’s worth starting something that potentially will lead nowhere and get me hurt in the end. And as she very cleverly puts it:Β ‘it depends ifΒ he’s a salapao or fries’.

I don’t have an answer yet. But while I figure it out, I’m keen to know what you guys got from the conversation with my sister πŸ™‚


29 thoughts on “Of Fries and Is It Worth It?

  1. Toooooo funny. Dealing with this right NOW! I’m right in the middle of it so I can’t tell you if it’s worth it or not yet. It likely won’t end the way I want it to, but who knows. I must have thought it was worth the risk though, so I would say go for it. So far he’s better than Fries but I might be calling him Salapao in a week. LOL πŸ˜‰

    • Hahah that’s also a very good point – maybe some salapao are disguised as fries?? Or maybe we are so blind that we see them as fries? Either way i think like you say, there’s a reason we thought they were worth the risk.. now let’s see what happens in the end!

  2. I’m right there with ya. Been there a million times, and always decided he was fries, thus worth being fat for. But these days I’m leaning towards him being salapao

  3. Ahhh! This is me right now! Or actually me for the past year. I’m not sure if he’s fries or salapeo. Never thought about it, but you’ve given me a sense of clarity. I also want fries now… I won medium fries from McDonald’s monopoly…. Guess I’ll use that.

  4. Also going through the same thing myself. I guess the real question is does he think you are salapao or fries? Or if he even likes either of those options. You can be regarding him one way and you’re just another item to choose from off the dollar menu to him. So….I think too many movies mess us ladies up. We eagerly await a fairy tale ending that sadly will never come with some of these men.

    All this talk of food though is making me hungry.

    Great post. And your sis is awesome!!

    • That’s a really good point – whether he thinks i am salapao or fries – of course there’s the fairy tale version that I hope for, like you say, and in that version I am hoping I am fries to him. Thanks for your thoughts and yes I have to agree my sis is pretty awesome πŸ˜‰

    • Hhahaha your comment made me laugh out loud πŸ˜€ Nah I’m sure it started off as fries.. and maybe transformed itself into pickled onion?? hehhee (how does pickled onion even taste??)

      • Like total shit, I’ve had it! Mine started as fries too! Do you know how many rotten things I’ve seen fries rot into? You need to eat them while they’re hot and crispy. πŸ˜‰

      • Like vinegar x it’s ok when it’s on a frie but you’d soon get sick of it on its own ! Ha x they are actually quite nice once in a while but it’s definatley not a stable diet when consumed daily x

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