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Some of my friends were quite surprised to see me writing about casual relationships.

Why? Because, truth be told, I suck at it. My feelings always get in the way somehow, and I never seem to be able to keep things casual.

Which is ironic because here I am writing these so-called rules of casual dating.

Looking back, I guess these are rules I wish I had followed, so that I could have at least kept my sanity and dignity. 

So if you’re like me and you suck at casual relationships, then chances are you will find it very hard to apply these ‘rules’. But if you were to take away just a tiny glimpse of everything I’ve said, I want it to be this :

4) Don’t Lose Yourself


Just because you indulged in a few fries doesn’t mean you have to label yourself a “Fry-eater” and forget about all the other food you like.

Similarly, being in a casual relationship shouldn’t take you away from doing things you like. It shouldn’t mean you start blowing off plans or giving up your me-time so you can spend more time with this guy.

Remember what happiness means for you outside of your relationship with this guy. In other words, don’t lose yourself. There are plenty of fries and men in the world, but there’s only one of you – never forget that.

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