Of Fries And Consequences

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Birthday to this blog!

It’s been two years of a roller coaster ride and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my stories as much as I’ve enjoyed living & writing them πŸ™‚


Now, a little update on where I’ve been.

I spent the last three weeks stuffing myself with fries and getting up to all sorts of things that weren’t good for my health.

Of course I knew I shouldn’t. And normally I would feel super guilty afterwards.

But because it was holiday season, I convinced myself that it was OK.

It didn’t take a lot of convincing, and as a result, I didn’t feel any guilt for indulging.

Not even a teeny tiny bit.

I could eat all the fries in the world and not hate myself for it.

Life without guilt was a complete bliss.

Or so I thought.

Until I was faced with something much bigger and scarier than guilt.

I’m sure you know it too. It’s called ‘consequence’.

As my very wise friend B puts it:Β You can escape guilt, but you can’t escape consequences.

Come to think of it, maybe guilt exists to serve as a warning sign so we won’t have to face consequences.

But somehow we tend to think that because we can avoid guilt, we can also avoid consequences. Well, I learned the hard way that that’s not how it works.

The consequence I faced? A bigger butt that no longer fits into jeans.Β 

Fortunately for me, this is a consequence that can be undone i.e. byΒ hitting the gym & eating healthy meals.

But what if I continue to do whatever the hell I wanted and just push aside the guilt? Sure, it will be fun for a while and it will feel amazing. But, let’s face it, there will be more severe consequences which cannot be undone.

Question is, am I prepared to face those consequences?

This is probably the part where I talk about the need for self-control so that there won’t be any guilt or consequences. But who am I kidding? I’m nowhere near that.Β 


11 thoughts on “Of Fries And Consequences

  1. Darn those consequences! In the case of food indulgence, it seems to me the one way to forego consequences is to do everything in moderation, maybe even limit that particular intake for a period of time so that when you do get around to indulging, the consequences are nowhere near so severe. Of course, I say this as I battle my own cravings and need to lose weight. *Sigh* Everything is so much easier on paper (er…online as the case may be). Happy New Year to you and looking forward to more stories. πŸ™‚

  2. We are a result of the choices we make, and every choice has a consequence – good or bad. I’m with you that there are definitely times to say “to hell with it, I’m doing this even though I know it’s not a great choice.” It seems to me that as long as that isn’t what we *always* say, things should probably be alright.

      • My rule of thumb – if the consequences are minor and not at all dangerous, to hell with it. If the consequences are major and might involve loss of job, loss of good relationship, loss of enough money to cover rent, or loss of life – back away slowly.

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