A friend was curious to know why I stopped seeing a guy after such a short time. Here’s how our conversation went:

‘So you stopped seeing him after just two dates’


‘Because you just weren’t ‘feeling it’?’


‘But you must have felt something right? Otherwise why did you agree to go on a second date?’

‘That second date was just to make sure I really wasn’t feeling it. And well, I didn’t feel it ‘

‘So that’s it? You’re not even gonna give this guy another chance?’

‘Ermm.. Why would I do that?

‘Because… It takes time for feelings to develop. Maybe you haven’t given it enough time?’


I’ve actually had a number of these conversations with different people in my life. Each of them wondering why I was so ‘quick’ to make up my mind.

So, to all my dear friends who have been asking me the same questions, let me respond by bringing you into my world of fries (and men), and ask you this: If I happen to be eating fries which don’t taste good, what would you suggest I do?

In the past, I would say to myself ‘maybe it was one bad fry. Maybe the other fries in the basket are delicious’ 

And so I would have a second, third, fourth, fifth fry, hoping that it was just a few bad fries and that the rest would taste better. But every piece of fry tasted the same – if not worse.

You think I would have given up and left the fries alone, huh?

Nope, the optimist in me tried to make it taste better by adding salt, ketchup, mayonnaise, you name it.

But nothing helped. And by the time I realized it, I had already finished the fries and was feeling fat and disgusted at myself.

Finally, there came a point where I learned to accept that some fries just don’t taste good. And the best thing you can do is save yourself the trouble of trying to make it taste better, and.. simply don’t eat it. I mean, why waste calories on fries that don’t taste good?