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A Thoughtler

I watch the waves and think about how they have a life of their own, I imagine they are creatures trying to swallow me in.

“Do you think it’s exciting”, I ask, “to know that the tide can get to us at any minute and yet still sit here and take that risk?”

He ponders the question for a bit and says “Yeah, I think so. It is kinda exciting. Why do you ask?”

I take another sip of wine from the plastic cup, keeping my gaze on the approaching waves.

“I think that’s what having an affair feels like. You know it’s going to end, but you don’t know exactly when. Every moment feels like a stolen moment and it’s thrilling.”

“Is that why people do it? For the thrill?”

“Why did you come here to this beach tonight?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well, did you come here…

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