Of Fries and the French Man Part II

Part I here.

“She’s got this laugh”, you say, “it’s so contagious. And she’s got this way of being so excited about everything. You two would have been good friends”, you’re talking about your ex.

Sometimes it feels like she’s still a part of you. And you don’t want to let her go. I see messages from her pop up on your phone sometimes. Who am I to say anything, I did come between both of you. I’ve made peace with her place in our relationship. Like a scented candle, subtle but ever present. It’s my price to pay for what I did to her.

But I also know you’ll never go back to her. I know you say you want stability, but what you really crave for is adventure and excitement. I’ve never been a ‘sure thing’ before and maybe that’s what kept you around. I worry now that I’m here, I’ll drive you away. You’re a thrill seeker and I don’t know when you’ll go for your next chase.

“I love you like I’ve never loved someone before”, you said, “I belong to you. Corps et ame”. Those things you said were the reason I got on that plane. But I know better than anyone that talk is cheap.

You’re having drinks with Charlotte from work tonight. She’s sad because she just broke up with her boyfriend. Frenchies need to stick together, you said. Don’t wait up for me, you said.



Of Fries and the French Man Part I

You look tired and as if you lost weight. I know what kept you going these past few weeks was the thought of being with me. But I worry who you’ll become once the novelty of me wears off. I worry you’ll go back to who you were.

You take me out for dinner that night. It’s a nice Italian place, you said. The owner is an old Italian man, and you enjoy some banter with him as we walk in. You try your best Italian accent and it elicits a smile from the owner and some of the waitresses. I smile too, because I’ve always been attracted to your charm. And your French accent remains strong even when speaking Italian.

We sit down for dinner and you make your usual jokes about me being a vegetarian. I had a lot on my mind before and wanted to talk about them, but I let you do most of the talking as usual. You talk about your job, your friends, your colleagues.

You mention one of your colleagues by name, and from the way her name sounds on your lips, I get the feeling there’s more to say about her than what you’re saying. But I don’t ask. You’re a bad liar and I’d rather not catch you in a lie. I’m here now and that’s all that matters.

We walk back to the apartment and you’ve had too much wine again. I unlock the door for us, you take off your clothes, plant a kiss on my forehead, and collapse onto the bed. I lay next to you, listening to your heavy breathing. I think about the life I’ve left behind. About what’s to come. I haven’t felt this lonely in a while.

Part II here.


Of Fries And Men : Happy One Year !


When I started this blog, I remember wondering if it would even survive 2 weeks. But here we are – a few men, a lot of fries, 20 blog posts, and 365 days later! Today marks the ONE year anniversary of this blog, and I would like to THANK all my readers and 273 followers. I couldn’t have made it without the amazing support from you guys 🙂

In this occasion, I would also like to share my 5 all-time favorite posts with you guys.

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Hope you enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoyed living & writing it. And as always, please do share your thoughts 🙂 

Lots of Love and Fries,

Queen of the Fries

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